Christina, Founder

The Birth of Graceful Burial® & the Credle

One of her saddest days inspired Christina to conceive the idea behind Graceful Burial. As the rain fell, Christina watched as her son and grandsons struggled to place his wife/their mother’s cremated remains to rest, and it broke her heart. To see them in sorrow was heartbreaking enough, but to see the internment of her daughter-in-law’s urn lowered without dignity and grace was overwhelming.

In the days following the burial, Christina couldn’t stop thinking about how difficult it was to experience the loss of her daughter-in-law and the heartbreak she felt for her family. She replayed the scene over and over in her head. Instead of bringing closure to the family…watching her son and his boys on their hands and knees trying to place the urn in the ground brought more sadness.

Christina didn’t want another family to experience what they went through that day. She strongly believes a loved one’s journey to their final resting place should be filled with love, grace and dignity. With a clear vision in mind to assist other families with their loss, the Credle was born.

The Credle ~ Handcrafted ~ Made in the USA

Patent Pending

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