Testimonial from the family of Roger Eull and Rory Dahlheimer

As we planned the funeral and double burial for my father and granddaughter, there were so many emotions.  We never imagined having to plan a funeral for our dad let alone my grandchild who was born sleeping.  When we found out about Graceful Burial and the Credle, we knew instantly that anything to make the burial more beautiful was not only a want, but a necessity.  I did not want to watch my daughter bury her first born child on her hands and knees on a frigidly cold and snowy day in December.  I cannot even imagine watching her have to put her daughter’s remains into the ground this way.    

First, we laid my dad to rest.  It was so nice that we were all able to hold onto the the handle and cord of the Credle as we lowered my Dad into the ground. After his urn was lowered into the vault, we then were able to lay my granddaughter right next to my Dad’s urn.  The two urns fit perfectly side by side next to one another which was so incredibly comforting.  The entire process was so gentle and there is comfort knowing that my Dad and Granddaughter were placed gently in the ground together with the help of the Credle. 

I would highly recommend the Credle to anyone burying a loved one who’s cremains are being buried. 

Jill Crimando – Roger Eull’s Daughter, Rory Dahlheimer’s Grandmother

I attended a funeral that used the Graceful Burial Credle.  It was so healing for the family to be able to lower the urn into the ground together.  They were so appreciative to have complete control over this process.  I’ve also attended funerals where burying the urn was awkward and clumsy.  I watched as the family was on their hands and knees literally dropping the urn into the ground.  It felt heartbreaking to watch.

The burial which included the Credle went so smoothly, and you could tell that the family felt the same way.  This burial was different and it felt beautiful and right.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that plans to cremate and bury their loved one in the ground.

~ Katie S.

We used the Credle for both of my grandparent’s cremation burial services. The placement of the urn below ground is not a detail I thought much about until the moment arrived. Using the Credle allowed us to gently lower the urn into its resting place as a family without fear of dropping or, God forbid, breaking the precious vessel. I really can’t imagine how the Credle product will not become the standard for cremation burials. Thank you so much!

~ Adam Barrett

My family is so glad we heard about the Credle because we didn’t have any idea how we were going to place our dad into his final resting place.  Thank you for creating this product which helped us in our time of need. Everyone in my family was happy this product was available for us to use.  Thank you!
~ Kory

I wanted to let you know our family decided to utilize your Credle. The gal at the cemetery had never heard of them. She googled it and was quite impressed by your product. And, oh my!!  I can’t even begin to thank you enough! The Credle worked so perfectly! You absolutely made this a “graceful burial” for my Dear Mother who is now resting next to her Love!

~ Johnson Family